Multipot Cookware and cooking utensils

Norbert Fischbach & Simone Heckmann

Bakeware, Tableware, Drinkware and Cookware Design Multipot Cookware and cooking utensils by Norbert Fischbach & Simone Heckmann Hotels, restaurants, caterers and even ambitious hobby chefs worldwide enjoy the diversity of this multifunctional pot system and enhance their kitchen with its various options. Cooking, simmering, holding, making pasta in pasta baskets, steaming dim sum with the steamer insert, deep frying with frying baskets, grilling, braising, preparing sauces…. everything is possible with the various inserts. Multipot is available in the common restaurant-size of 1/1 GN, but also in attractive size of 2/3 GN for single zone. Available in black and silver nano-coating.


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